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Detox & Withdrawal Simi Valley CA

Detox & Withdrawal Symptoms in Simi Valley

In order to fully recover from your addiction, you will have to complete the detoxification process. And unfortunately, while detoxing you will probably experience some withdrawal symptoms. The detox process can shock your body because you are physically dependent on the substances that were abused during your addiction. Detoxing is a vital step of the recovery process because all of the harmful chemicals will be flushed from your body, making it easier for you to focus on your recovery moving forward. A Better Today will help you achieve a clean body when you undergo at one of our detoxification facilities, we offer medical supervision so that your withdrawal symptoms are held to a minimal.

How Can I Avoid Withdrawal Symptoms?

Every addiction and every recovery is different for each person. Some may experience a lot of symptoms and some may not suffer from any. It depends on the length of your addiction and amount of substances abused. Withdrawal symptoms may cause some discomfort, but should not scare anyone away from seeking treatment. Some common withdrawal symptoms include puking, sweating, shaking, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping. At A Better Today we guide you through your detoxification under medical supervision so that we can help you cope with your withdrawal symptoms. Being stuck in a constant fight with an addiction is not a good way to live your life. A few days of some common withdrawal symptoms is worth being able to recover from a substance abuse problem.

Detoxing at A Better Today

The main purpose of detoxing is to get all of the chemicals that are slowly killing you out of your body. Upon your arrival to A Better Today, it will be important to communicate with our staff about exactly which substances were abused and for how long you were consuming them. Again, each client’s plan will be different so we will need to know exactly what you are fighting against so that your detox process will fit all of your needs. Detoxing with us and our medical staff is much more efficient and safer than trying to cold turkey your addiction. We will get you on the path towards total recovery. All you have to is call (805) 203-9069 to talk with one of our staff members about how to start your treatment. You should be proud of yourself for seeking the help you need. Addiction can be a scary beast that you may think cannot be beaten. But A Better Today is here for you, to help you overcome your addiction and put your life back in your hands.