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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Simi Valley CA

Getting Help from Simi Valley

A Better Today is here to help people regain control their health, career and relationships from the grips of drug addiction or alcoholism. Regardless of age or background, it is possible to break free from any addiction, when given the proper support and guidance. All too frequently, people who suffer from addiction stay quiet, because they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their substance abuse problem. They feel no one will understand so they will be judged, keeping them seeking the help they need. A Better Today can offer you a comprehensive rehab program that will lead you to sober living. Each of our clients get a personalized program that is specific to their addiction issues, not just a general rehab plan. We will give you the help you need to achieve sobriety and get your life back on your terms and not your addiction’s terms.

Rehab at A Better Today

Because A Better Today realizes that every addiction has different circumstances behind it, so that is why we believe every rehab program should be different. You have specific needs in order to beat your addiction, which is why A Better Today’s medically trained staff will work with you to plan out a personalized plan that will get you back to living your life without the influence of drugs and alcohol. Our rehab plans will help you rebuild your mental well-being through extensive therapy. Each therapist has a Master’s level education and specializes in helping people overcome addictions. Our staff will also give you aftercare options for when your rehab program is complete. We will give you every advantage you need to stay clean long after you have graduated from our program.

You Can Start Now

When you are ready to start your rehab stint, A Better Today will be here to help. Realistically speaking, there are only three ways to get over an addiction: you can clean up, get locked up, or end buried up. Getting clean, being put in prison, or death are the only ways your addiction will quit, it will never stop on its own. There is no reason to feel alone or scared, A Better Today will help you through your recovery every step of the way. You can start by calling us at (805) 203-9069. We have staff members waiting to take your call and willing to answer any questions you may have. A Better Today promises that you can get your life, relationships, and happiness back with your steady focus and effort mixed with our guidance and resources, your addiction does not stand a chance. Asking for help is the hardest part of the recovery process. Please, call (805) 203-9069 now.