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Addiction Treatment Simi Valley

Addiction Treatment for Simi Valley

When struggling against an addiction, it can be hard to live your life the way you want to, because your body is constantly craving drugs or alcohol. You may think to yourself, “why can’t I just stop?” Even when you make an extra effort to do so. Addiction can get so bad that some addicts put using substances at the top of their priority list, even ahead of basic instincts such as eating and sleeping. Addiction is a disease that requires medical attention to recover from. When you consume large amounts of drugs or alcohol, these substances rewire the way your brain works, which is how your chemical dependency comes into play. A Better Today is willing to give you the medical attention you need to break your dependency from these harmful substances.

Addiction Treatment Details

A Better Today will guide you through an intense and thorough treatment plan so that you can permanently give up using drugs and alcohol. You will get a personalized treatment program to complete. We know that every addiction is different which is why we believe every recovery will be different. What has worked for others in the past, may not work for you. The obsession to use harmful substances is hard to kill, but A Better Today will provide you with the support you need to do so. Our first focal point will be to clean all of the harmful chemicals out of your body via a detox stage. Then we will get you into a rehab facility where you can focus on learning how to live your life without drugs and alcohol. Therapy will be included during your rehab stint so that you can learn about how and why your addiction surfaced in the first place. We will also educate you on ways to avoid relapsing so that you will be able to keep your sobriety after your treatment is complete.

Reach Out to A Better Today Now

Getting an understanding of your addiction, so that you can control it, is one of A Better Today’s main goals. We want to, once again, show you how to live your life on your own terms instead of in the shadow of your addiction. A Better Today wants to get your body and mind back into a state where can take advantage of living in a city as beautiful and safe as Simi Valley. You can start by calling (805) 203-9069 now. We have staff members standing by the phone, waiting to help point you in the right direction. The hardest part of the entire recovery process will be admitting you have a problem and that you need help. You can get that toughest part out of the way in just 10 minutes by picking up the phone and calling A Better Today.